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Claverley Period Bell Pull Installation Instructions


The Claverley Bell Pull is a Victorian/Edwardian period bell pull, faithfully reproduced from an original design. Available in a choice of Aged Brass or Aged nickel finishes in our latest blog article we provide you with detailed help and guidance for fitting the Claverley Bell Pull, though good DIY skills and basic tools are needed!


Tools you'll need

  • Electric Drill and 6, 8 & 25mm masonry drill bits
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Junior hacksaw (or similar)
  • Scissors

Before you start

Decide upon the height and location of your bell fittings (both internal and external). Ensure there are no hidden service pipes or cables where you intend to drill. The external fittings MUST be fitted first.

Note | The screws and wall plugs supplied are only suitable for use in solid walls. If fitting to other types of wall please source suitable fixings from your local hardware store.

Fitting instructions

Step 1

Mark the location of where you wish the bell cord to pass through the brickwork. Drill this hole using a 25mm drill bit.

Step 2

Place the plastic tube supplied into the 25mm hole drilled in the brickwork. This will act as a liner against dust and help protect the bell cord.

Step 3

Slip the wooden back plate onto the bell pull plate (A)

Step 4

Insert the pull rod (i) on the bell pull plate into the plastic tube and push both plates up tight against the brickwork. Ensure that the word ‘PULL’ on the knob is perfectly horizontal and that the holes in both plates are aligned. Mark the position of the 4 holes on the brick work. Remove assembly and drill holes using an 8mm masonry bit and plug them with an appropriate wall plug.

Step 5

Before screwing both plates to the wall, tie your bell cord to the ‘attachment hole’ on the pull rod (i) and push the end of the cord through the plastic tube liner in the wall.

Step 6

From inside the house push the plastic tube hard against the assembly (A). Mark where the tube enters the inside wall. Remove the tube and cut it to length. Replace the tube ensuring that it sits flush with the inside wall and does not protrude.

Step 7

Thread the bell pull cord through hole (ii) in the blanking pulley (B). Place the blanking pulley in position, ensuring that the wheel on the pulley is running in the right direction and that hole (ii) is central to the plastic tube. Mark the position of the 3 fixing holes and drill with a 6mm drill bit. Plug each hole with an appropriate wall plug and secure the pulley with the screws.

Cleaning advice

Dust periodically with a soft dry cloth.

Where to next?

If you have any other questions relating to the Claverley Bell Pullwhy not get in touch with us or give us a call on 01630 647748.