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Downton Abbey Style Period Bell Pulls & Door Bells


Our Downton Abbey style period bell pulls and door bells may look a tad complicated but are extremely easy to fit.


Once you know the locations you want your bell pull and bell in, you need to work out the route for the cord to run to connect the two, this will determine how many pulleys you need.

The extension pulleys are used to support the cord where it runs in a straight line – horizontal or vertical.

If you need to turn an internal corner then a directional pulley will be required.

Once the bell pull location has been established on the outside of the property, a hole will need to be drilled through the wall to take the cord from the pull on its way to meet the bell. Where the hole enters the property a blanking pulley is fitter, the blanking pulley has a nylon liner in the centre to guide the cord to the next pulley…see I told you it was easy.

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