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> > Period Toilet Roll Holder The Ironmonger and Metal Trades Advertiser 1884

Period Toilet Roll Holder The Ironmonger and Metal Trades Advertiser 1884


We would like to take you back in time with our reproduction of the 1884 toilet roll holder manufactured by The Sanitary Paper Company of Bury Street, London. This truly uniquePeriod Toilet Roll Holder, is available in both Aged Brass and Aged Nickel.


The Toilet Roll Holder made its first appearance in The Ironmonger and Metal Trades Advertiser on July 5th 1884 and was declared to be the first of its kind to use un-perforated paper.

The extract below is from the ‘Ironmonger’, a copy of which is also included when you buy this fine period toilet toll holder:

‘The Sanitary Paper Company show example rolls of toilet-paper and patterns of bronzed holders for the same. The paper rolls are prepared to lengths of 500 feet each and, instead of being perforated at set distances, the means of removing pieces as required is provided in a cutter which is formed by the front edge of the projecting top of the holder’

Now manufactured in aged brass and aged nickel, both are supplied mounted on an oak back-plate. The holders are made from cast brass to give them longevity in a bathroom environment, if they were manufactured in cast iron there would be a possibility of rust appearing if the holder was not cared for properly. Brass does not corrode therefore there is no chance the holder will deteriorate in damp or humid surroundings. The nickel version is plated and hand finished with aging solution.

The original toilet roll holder was discovered by a good friend of ours a few years ago, he was so taken with it that he bought the title to the Sanitary Paper Company and he now holds the patent to the design. Ironically we had an order from a gentleman in Australia requesting this toilet roll holder for his bathroom and he sent us a photograph of an original one he has in his toilet, it had the registration mark cast in the back proving it’s authenticity. We were amazed that one had turned up on the other side of the world.

We supply the product with all of the relevant fixings, fitting instructions and a copy of the original magazine extract in which it first appeared.

You can purchase our Period Toilet Roll Holder in Brass or Nickel here.