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Tips For Choosing And Fitting A Letter Plate


If you wish to replace an old letterbox or letter plate with a new one, you need to work out if you can utilise the existing bolt holes and slot. If you are replacing an existing letter plate you need to consider a few more things.


This checklist should help:

  • The distance between the existing bolt hole – centre to centre
  • The size of the existing aperture in the door
  • The depth of the rail

If you have an old door, in all probability the slots on our range of letter plates will be bigger than the slot in your door as most old letterboxes date back to Victorian times when the penny post was introduced in Britain.

If the slot in your door is smaller then it can be modified quite easily by carefully marking and cutting around the existing opening.

If the slot is larger it isn’t a problem as long as it doesn’t encroach on the area where the bolt holes are.

Try to use the existing bolt holes if you can, if they don’t line up you will need to put a slightly larger drill through the hole to clean it up and then insert a small piece of dowel (using wood glue to secure it) which can then be trimmed off either side of the door and painted the same colour as the door.

The fixing studs for the letter plates are made to accommodate the thickness of most doors, they are supplied over size so you can cut them to size. To do this, after you have drilled the fixing holes in your door, put the bolts through the letter plate (if separate) and then through the hole in the door, mark with a pencil (leaving enough for the dome nut to screw onto the stud) and then cut the stud with a hacksaw to the required length.

You may have to clean the edge of the cut with a piece of sand paper to remove any burs and avoid the nut cross threading on the stud – easy peasy!

Why not take a look at our range of letter plates to find the perfect addition to your front door.