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Winchester Bell Pull Installation Instructions


Here are some instructions to help you in fitting the Winchester Bell Pull. It may look at little daunting but with some basic tools and competent DIY skills you will be fine!


Before you start 

Decide upon the height and location of your bell fittings (both internal and external). Ensure there are no hidden service pipes or cables where you intend to drill. The external fittings MUST be fitted first.

Note: – The screws and wall plugs supplied are only suitable to use in solid walls. If fitting to other types of wall please source suitable fixings from your local hardware store.

Tools Required

  • ElectricDrill and 6, 8 and 10mm masonry drill bits
  • Scissors
  • Small hammer
  • Slotted screw driver
  • Spirit level
  • Small round file
  • Junior hacksaw

Fitting Instructions 

Step 1 – Unscrew nut (i) located on the top of bell rod and remove bracket (A).

Step 2 – Mark the position of the four holes in bracket (A) on the brickwork.

Step 3 – Hole (ii) in bracket (A) allows your bell cord to pass through the brickwork. Drill this hole using a 10mm drill bit.

Step 4 – The remaining three holes are used for fixing bracket (A). Drill these with an 8mm bit to a depth two millimetres deeper than the length of the wall plugs you will be using. Tap the wall plugs into each of these holes. Before securing bracket (A) with the screws provided, pass the cord through the hole in the top of nut (i) and tie a knot in end (cutting off any excess) so the cord is now captive inside the nut.

Continue to feed the loose end of the bell cord through the nut locator, over the pulley wheel, through the hole (ii) and the brickwork. When most of the cord has gone through the wall, wrap the remaining cord around the pulley wheel bracket at the top of the bell rod to stop it being pulled back through. Secure bracket (A).

Step 5 – Re-assemble the bell handle, spring and nut removed in Step 1.

Step 6 – Position bracket (B) approximately twelve millimetres above the square shoulder of the bell pull handle. Mark the location of the two fixing holes. Drill the holes using an 8mm bit. Plug and secure with screws provided.

Step 7 – Position bracket (C) mid-way between brackets (A) and (B) and repeat fixing procedure.

Step 8 – The brass tube supplied acts as a liner in the brickwork and helps protect the bell cord from dust. From inside the house, feed the cord through this tube and push it hard into the hole so it meets bracket (A). Mark the tube where it emerges from the wall. Remove the tube and cut it to length. Replace the tube ensuring that it sits flush with the inside of the wall and does not protrude.

Step 9 – Thread the bell pull cord through the hole (iii) in blanking pulley (D). Place the blanking pulley in position over the hole, ensuring the wheel of the pulley is running in the right direction and that hole (iii) is central to the brass tube.

  • Mark the position of the three fixing holes and drill with 6mm bit. Plug each hole and secure the pulley with the screws provided.